Thursday, October 24, 2019

Side Verandah Makeover: One Week Challenge - the week four slump

Week four was always my favourite part of the One Room Challenge when I was just an outside observer. By this point I had an idea of which designs I loved and was desperate to see finish, which I admired or liked but wasn't as invested in, and which ones I wasn't going to bother seeing to the end. Let me tell you, it is NOT my favourite part as a guest participant!

I'm taking part in the One Room Challenge, a design event where 20 featured designers and countless guest participants transform a single space over 6 weeks.  Check out all the other great designs at the One Room Challenge blog.

Catch up with previous weeks of my side verandah plans
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Some of the inital momentum is wearing off, the six weeks I thought would be fairly 'empty' suddenly had outside obligations cropping up, and the remaining 'to-do' list doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.  This week I've had my son home sick from school for a few days, my mum arriving in the country from overseas, and a few mistakes and miscommunications. I have managed to start the stencilling on the verandah and buy and commission a few things I need, but generally it has been a slow week.
About halfway done

I have so much left to do, I really don't know what I'll have done by the week 6 reveal!

  • Finish the stenciling
  • Paint the potting bench
  • Paint and assemble the new storage cupboard 
  • Buy and spray paint some more pots
  • Finish choosing plants
  • Find chairs/table/plant stand on fb marketplace 
  • Make movable plant frame for in front of gas meters
  • Decide on how to store bike/scooter and implement that
  • Finish choosing and buying accessories
  • Put everything back on the verandah and take pictures
  • Week 5 and week 6 blog posts

When I list it all out, it still seems fairly overwhelming.  Not to mention in some cases reliant on luck.  So fingers crossed! 

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