Friday, February 21, 2014

How to not make a sunhat

Which should really be titled "How not to make a sunhat for a baby, with a baby, in two and a half weeks" but they'll never make that movie.

Failure is that much more disspiriting when it happens in 15 minute intervals.

 Day 1: Realise existing sunhat is too small for your four month old son. Think about buying a new one.

Day 3: Scoff at self. Sunhat does not look complicated. Decide to sew new sunhat.

Day 4: Go through stash and choose fabric.

Day 5: Intend to prewash fabric, but then it rains.

Day 6: Actually prewash fabric.

Day 7: Iron fabric.

Day 8: Son has vaccinations. He is cranky and spikes a fever. Forget sunhat exists.

Day 10: Start drafting sunhat pattern.

Day 11: Finish doing so.

Day 12: Cut out fabric pieces.

Days 13-15: Plan to sew hat. Continually forget to take sewing machine out of its storage place while the boy is awake, and don't want to make that racket when he's asleep.

Day 16: Move sewing machine to living room. Find matching thread.

Day 17:  Start sewing hat. Realise that somewhere along the line your maths has failed, as one piece is far too small. Try to patch that up. Make things worse. Realise that you don't have enough fabric to recut the offending pieces. Swear.

Day 18: Take a good long look at the mangled fabric and decide to abandon the project.

Bonus extra:
Day 20: Take previously-crocheted hat with brim, too big for boy. Use safety pin to make smaller. Put on son. Go for a walk.