Thursday, August 9, 2018

Joining in on the vintage cover fun

Last year, when Tanith and Nicole launched their #myvintagecover challenge, I had so many ideas which for one reason and other never came to anything. This year, I was determined to get at least one entry done. 
Browsing through Australian Women's Weekly covers on my phone for something I could do with available resources, I saw this one from May 1936:

Cover image, May 23 1936
Australian Women's Weekly
I knew I could do those elements, so I tacked white collars on a dress, tried pin-curling my hair, added some makeup, and went for it.  While the original has solid collars, I have these vintage lace ones which I've been wanting to use on something for a while. The curls looked good, and while I do have make-up on, it hasn't really come through in the photos, so I may have used too light a hand.

Hair: on point. Makeup: apparently way too subtle. Cap: angled wrong way
I took so many photos and could NOT work out why they all looked subtly wrong - I eventually convinced myself it was just because of the selfie angle and that they needed to be flipped. I finally noticed that my cap was angled up, not down. By the time I had worked that out, my hair had done its usual trick of exploding into frizz.

I added the backgrounds to look like the original cover, and added some bad poetry to counteract the mawkishly bad and patronising poetry on the original too!

I have plans for a second cover reproduction, but that one will involve a little more work, so fingers crossed!