Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This time of year is all about PRESENTS. I'm having lots of fun making things from stash material and a few things from new. Not the easiest to blog about, because of secrecy, but it is so tempting because I'm so excited. I think I've sent photos of each gift as it completes to at least one person.

I have a few already gifted items that I can show off, however.

 I decorated this singlet with crocheted motifs for my new baby niece. She is probably not big enough to fit into it yet!

 The motifs are made with a mix of solid and variegated embroidery floss in pinks and purples, all from stash.

I also decorate some onesies for sleep for N. for his birthday.
this was drawn with fabric markers

Just because I can't resist, a few sneak peek photos from other presents!
I adore this spotty fabric and am so glad I'm using it finally.

Tunisian crochet - what could it be? 
I'm going to have to wait and do a big post Christmas round up of presents. Not long now!

Embroidery class - year 2 - fine needlework - Madeira work

A while ago I blogged about the smocking component of the fine needlework module of the Embroiderers' Guild course, saying that I didn't want to write about the Madeira work until I'd finished the assigned piece.

Isn't #FinishItFriday useful? Not sure how many more years I'd have left it to languish otherwise. Oops.
The finally finished hand towel.
This project involved doing a gorgeous pin tuck hem on the two long sides and a coloured overlay with pin tuck detail on one short side
Close up of the pin tuck hems
a pigeonhole scallop on the other short side
The scallops were extremely hard to keep even.
and a shadow work design in the centre.
Close up of the shadow work design.
The design is worked in herringbone stitch so the dense stitches on the reverse create a "shadow" on the right side. There are also three small eyelets.  

I'm glad to finally have this finished and be able to show it off. This is the last of the embroidery course posts I'll be making, as I never collected my canvaswork assignments and I didn't do the goldwork module before I dropped out due to pregnancy exhaustion. I have looked into going back to complete the course but they've changed the schedule so the two modules I didn't complete are now in two different years. Still, I really want to find a way to finish, so maybe in a year or so when N. is older.