Friday, May 12, 2017

Me Made May 2017: first 11 days and meeting Gertie!

I decided to try participating in #memademay17 this year, not because I think I can actually do a new piece of me made every day, but because I wanted the kick to do more selfish sewing and create more of the clothes that I've been planning in my head for ages.

The first eleven days have been a mix of clothing items and accessories. I'm starting with day 11, yesterday, first, because it was incredibly exciting. I left the boy with a friend, and headed out to Castle Hill Spotlight with a sewing friend to see Gertie and get my copy of Gertie Sews Vintage Casual signed.
Me with the glamourous Gertie, She is so poised. 

Day 11: My blue snood.
Day 10: A coat made long long ago!
Day 8 - a shirt in a cool blue/green print from Spoonflower.
Day 7: My burgundy jersey tunic dress with self fabric sash, 

Day 6: My bright cherry print tote bag
Day 5: This cool teal asymmetric top.
Day 4: My garnet bracelet.
Day 3: This vibrant fruit skirt, 

Day 2: Satin and lace kimono style dressing gown
 Day 1 and day 9's photos have disappeared already. Oh well. There are more details for each day on my Instagram account ( user name parlour_duck) if you aren't already following me there.

It has been quite a reminder that I've been sewing and making a lot for gifts and for my son but not enough for me!  I've almost run out of clothing items for me and have only a few accessories to go - and then I'll have to start repeating.