Saturday, April 11, 2015

Big Stash-Busting Plans: A Very Stashy Christmas

I am making a major resolution for Christmas this year. Apart from my husband and any geek exchange targets, all other recipients of presents:

  •  will be receiving at least 75% handmade items, and
  • said items must be either edible or made at least 75% from stash. 

The 75% handmade threshold gives me room to add some bought gifts to the major targets (N, for example) while acting as a restraint on that buying. And for people to whom I'd usually only give one or two gifts, that means all handmade.

The 75% stash threshold is intended to be realistic for projects where I might have to buy some specific trim or fastening or interfacing etc in order to complete a project yet still provide the challenge of restricting the main ideas. (100% stash seems too strict and might lead to substitutions that will adversely affect quality.)

Allowing edible gifts helps me deal with those gift recipients who just don't like more crafty items enough. Or who I know would prefer an ephemeral gift. Not to mention being fun to make.

I'm really excited about this resolution now and am enjoying finding patterns and projects that can work with stash resources to plan presents. I know it is only April but I suspect I'll need all the time I can get!