Friday, January 1, 2016

New sparks of joy

I wrote earlier this year about my KonMari inspired decluttering. While I generally focus on what I'm getting rid of (470 books! Umpteen CDs and DVDs! 2 bags of clothes! Etc), I thought the new year was a good time to reflect on things I'm keeping.  The main criteria for keeping or discarding most items is whether or not they "spark joy". 
Now, let's be honest. I've kept things that don't entirely make the cut. Clothes that are ok but I can't cull till I replace or I will own no jeans, swimwear or coats.  Items which bring me joy as part of a system (my crochet tools as a whole bring me joy) but not themselves (my stitch markers are cheap green and pink plastic ones I got free with a magazine and they do not bring particular joy). But there are some things that really make me smile every time I use them, and in honour of New Year's Day I thought I'd make a list of things which have entered my life in the last two years that definitely spark joy.

La crueset tea for one set
Just lovely.
A Christmas present from last year, I adore using this.  It gets used for leisurely tea. It feels lovely in my hands and as a bonus looks awesome with my new kitchen's colours.

My new laundry
I never thought I'd wax lyrical about a laundry.
There are many things I love about the post renovation house, but I get a little burst of pleasure every time I go into my laundry. Tiles. TWO SINKS. Two. My huge IKEA Pax wardrobe as linen cupboard. Did I mention my two sinks?

My snap press
Mid nappy making
There is something incredibly satisfying about using this. Not just because the snaps look amazing and professional, but in the actual physical process too.

My tea necklace
Tea accessorises all outfits, correct?

There's a story behind this. Last year for a geek Christmas exchange I had a target who is a massive Star Trek, and Picard in particular, fan. I contacted the wonderful Cassie at Femmecraft and we brainstormed two designs, finally deciding on a general Trek focused "To boldly go" custom design (now available as a regular option). This design was the other, but we decided not to go ahead with it for a few reasons. Then in November this year I saw her at a market and she'd made it anyway and I could not resist. I'd been considering buying a Femmecraft necklace for myself and knowing that my custom order inquiry sparked this design's existence makes it extra special. 

My new watering can
It looks at home in my fledgling garden
When I was given this for Christmas this year, I pronounced it the Rolls Royce of watering cans. It is amazing.  Beautifully balanced, stunning colour, vintage looks, and a generous rose. Perhaps too early to make this an addition to the joy list, but I don't think so.

Everything in this outfit

The shirt is from Redbubble, the shoes I honestly can't recall (purchased while "baby/sleep deprived brain was still a thing)  and my talented sister made the green skirt. This photo was taken at the Powerhouse museum cafe on a day that Sydney got to a stupidly hot 45 degrees, actually to show evidence that I was wearing the skirt.

As a result of the decluttering, and thinking about what sparks joy, I'm feeling remarkably privileged and lucky, recognising the lovely things I own. This seems like the best time of year to reflect on making the most of what we have that gives us joy. So what makes your list? 


  1. I like this positive side of the process! And I'm happy to be linked to a number of these items :)

    Some recentish items that spark joy in my life include the capelet I made last year (I'm just so proud of myself and the fabric and style are both lovely), my sugar bowl and milk jug (bought in Chester and remind me of that time and the sugar bowl from The Sword in the Stone), Robin's painting above the dining table, and a great many Christmas decorations :)

    1. It seems fair that you are linked to so many items that bring me joy, just as you are linked to so many places, times and moments which do the same!

      I'm trying to remember if I've seen that sugar bowl and milk jug.

  2. I like this idea.

    When I was in Japan earlier this year, i bought 4 printed cloths with seasonal scenes, intending to hang them on my wall in the appropriate season. So far I've done spring & summer; those bring me joy.

    So does the swirly grey skirt i picked up at the KonMari clothes swap.

    Hm. Thinking about this now, I'm not sure I own too many things that bring me joy in and of themselves...

    1. That skirt does look awesome on you.

      If I was doing KonMari strictly, with a need for strong feelings of joy, I'd have a very mininalist house and wardrobe. Or at least unbalanced. Like two plates and six milk jugs level unbalanced.