Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Small projects for tiny times

It has been a while since I've updated; I've been very busy - being hospitalised with pre-eclampsia, being induced and having a baby, bringing my son N. home and coping with the first few weeks of being a parent. All big changes.
While I was in the hospital for the week before I was induced I had a fair amount of free time, trapped as I was, and got some crocheting done.  I've finished the blanket I was working on (as discussed previously, "English Beat" from Candi Jenson's Candy Blankies.)  I do very much like the finished look.
My version of Candi Jenson's 'English Beat' - using cream and darker blues.

Since then I've done nothing. In the past week, however, we've started to get more into a routine and have begun to feel more in control and more competent with feedings and changes and settling to sleep, and as a result I've been able to read and we've started watching some episodes of shows on DVD in the evenings and today I found the impetus to start doing some crafting. Everything needs to be in small scale - anything could be interrupted by a waking baby, and my blocks of time are shorter than before.
Today's project involved updating a baby seat - this is something N won't be using for a while, as he needs to be able to sit up and support himself, but friends gave it to us. The tray cover had come off though and was just sitting in the tray, rather than being stuck down. I decided ages ago that it would nice to replace it with a Spoonflower wall decal - wipeable and able to be stuck to the tray.  I ordered a medium wall decal of giggleboy print from Spoonflower. To cover the tray, I simply traced around the old cover, cut it out, and stuck it down.

... and after!
Simplicity itself, but it is nice to get back into doing things of that nature.


  1. I can't believe you are already finding time to do crafts! Even little ones. You really are a superhero. Also, they both look great.

  2. Finishing the blanket BEFORE the baby arrived was a big help; I doubt I'd have managed to do so otherwise - especially as the motivation to make him nice things is diminishing with every swaddling wrap he vomits on :)

  3. Ah! The joys of having baby sick on everything!... Seriously, the baby seat looks fabulous. Well done on getting some time back for yourself. Mum.

    1. Thanks Mum! I'm trying hard to have some time every day just for me, to keep my identity and sanity :)